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A romm 20x9 is 180 square feet. You will need 5000 to 6000 BTUs for this.

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The perimeter of a rectangle is 18 feet and the area of the rectangle is 20 square feet what is the width of the rectangle

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A rectangular garden has a perimeter of 48 cm and an area of 140 sq cm What is the width of this garden

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Q: How many BTUs do I need to cool a 20x9 room?
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How many btu does it take to cool 1200 watts?

To convert a watt to BTUs, the factor is 1 kilowatt of power = 3412.1416 BTU/hr 3.412 BTUs equal a watt. 1200 watt = 4094.4 BTUS you will need to remove about 4100 BTU/hr

How can I determine how many BTUs I need for an air conditioner?

A small room is about 5,000 BTUs. Most people don't have a room that would require more than 10,000 BTUs.

How many cfms do you need for 15000 btus gas range?

uhhh, you got any gum

What size AC do I need for a 3500 square foot house?

To cool a 3,500 square foot house, you would need a seven ton system. That would be equal to about 84,000 BTUs.

How do I determine how many BTUs I need per foot for each room when purchasing portable heaters?

It depends on the climate and how well your home is insulated.A good rule of thumb is about 20 BTUs per square foot.

What size return air grill for a 48000 BTU heating system?

48,000 btus is equal to 4 tons of air flow, 12,000 btus per ton. You need 144 sq in per ton. Return grill should be 24x24. 48,000 btus is equal to 4 tons of air flow, 12,000 btus per ton. You need 144 sq in per ton. Return grill should be 24x24. 48,000 btus is equal to 4 tons of air flow, 12,000 btus per ton. You need 144 sq in per ton. Return grill should be 24x24.

What size portable air conditioner is needed for a room of 1500 cubic feet?

You will need a portable air conditioner that offers 24,000 - 25,500 BTUs to cool a room of about 1500 cubic feet. This is a large sized room and a 2.5 ton unit would cool that area.

How much propane is burned in a propane fireplace on average?

Too broad a question. Need BTUs of heater + how many hours running per day to answer.

How many mcf of natural gas equals the btu of 1 barrel of crude oil?

A fourty two (42) gallon barrel of oil generates approximately 5,600,000 btus. A cubit foor of nat gas generates 1,200 btus ,there for you would need 4,666.67 cubic feet of gas or 4.6 mcf. Today, an mcf of nat gas costs $2.6 an mcf, a barrel of oil $106. The btu per dollar breakdown looks like this. 5,600,000 btus = 1 barrel of crude oil = $106 5.6m btu / $106 = 52,830 btus per dollar 5,600,000 btus = 4.66 mcf = $12.12 5.6m btus / $12.12 = 462,046 btus per dollar

How many btu's does it take to heat a basement room 150 square feet?

Standard practice holds that it takes 5000 BTUs to heat a room 100 to 150 sq ft Figure on adding another 1000 BTUs for every 50 or so sq ft added. Hence , 400 to 450 sq ft would need about 10,000 BTUs

Can a spot cooler cool down a huge room?

No, a spot cooler will not cool down a huge room. A 1-ton spot cooler produces 12,000 Btus, a two-ton unit produces 24,000 Btus. This is ideal for facilities containing computer and server rooms, portable classrooms, and single offices need to maintain desired temperatures that keep people comfortable and equipment running smoothly. The term 'spot cooler' might be deceptive because depending on the size, you can cool down a big production space by 25 degrees, even at a starting temp of 115. Spot coolers range in size up to about 10 tons cooling capacity or 40,000 BTUs.

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