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484 Total football fields.

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Q: How many football fields can fit into a square mile?
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How many football fields can you fit in a square mile?

A standard football field measures 360 feet by 160 feet. There are 27,878,400 feet in a square mile. This means that you could fit a total of 484 standard football fields in a square mile.

How many 100 yard football fields are there in a mile?

1 mile = 17.6 American football fields.

Is a mile really 17 football fields long?

If a football fiels is 100 yards (300 ft) and a mile is 5280 ft then a mile is 17.6 football fields.

How big in 0.05 square mile?

0.05 square miles is equivalent to 32 acres. This can also be visualized as approximately 26 football fields.

How many football fields does 3.5 million square miles equal?

Well, a football field is 50 yards by 100 yards, so that is 5000 square yards.3.5 million square miles (5280 feet/1 mile)(1 yard/3 feet)= 6,160,000,000 yards square-------------------------------------------so,6,160,000,000 yrd2/5000 yrds2= 1,232,000 football fields====================

How many miles in 3 football fields?

There is 5280 feet in a mile X 1.5 = 7920 feet divided by 300 feet in a football field minus end zones = 26.4 football fields in 1.5 miles.

How many miles in fottball fields?

One American football field is 0.05681 mile.

How many football fields make 26 acres?

Not counting the endzones it is 1760 (yards in a mile) x 9 miles / 100 = 158.4 football fields. If you count the endzones you are adding 20 yards to the end of the 100 making it 132 fields.

Hom many football fields are in a mile?

The answer is 17.6 football fields using 5280 ft(1 mi.) divided by 300. Of course this number will be a bit less if you accounted for the size of the endzones at each end of the field. If you account for the endzones, the answer is 14.666 football fields. Using the same 5280 ft in a mile divided by 360 ft. The endzones are 10 yds(30ft) each.

How big is 2 football fields in square miles dont confuse me?

I guess you mean American football fields (base on use of "Fields" as opposed to "Pitches"). Assuming you mean the playing area including end zones, then: The field is 360ft long x 160ft wide meaning the area of 2 of them is area = 2 x 360ft x 160ft = 115,200ft2 1 mile = 5280ft, so 1 sq mile = 5280ft x 5280ft = 278,784,000ft2 So for 2 football fields area = 115,200ft2 = 115200 ÷ 278784000 sq miles ~=0.0041 square miles.

How many football fields does 100 square miles equal?

Before calculating, it is easier to convert sizes to similar units, in this case, feet. 1 sq. mile = 5280 feet x 5280 feet = 27,878,400 sq.ft. 100 sq. miles = 27,878,400 sq. ft. x 100 = 2,787,840,000 sq. ft. 1 football field (including end zones) = 360 ft. long by 160 ft. wide = 57,600 sq.ft. 100 sq. miles divided by 1 football field = x x = how many football fields fit into 100 square miles 2,787,840,000 sq. ft. divided by 57,600 sq. ft. = 48,400 football fields Therefore, 100 square miles = 48,400 football fields However . . . If endzones are not included in the calculation, then the size of one field = 300 ft. x 160 ft. = 48,000 sq. ft. 2,787,840,000 sq. ft. divided by 48,000 sq. ft. = 58,080 football fields Therefore, 100 square miles = 58,080 football fields

How many football fields in a quarter of a mile?

An NFL field is 100 yards long, which is 300 feet, so half of that is 150 feet.