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1 rood = 40 perches

1 acre = 4 rood

→ 1 acre = 4 x 40 perches = 160 perches

→ 71 acres 0 rood 5 perches = 71 + 5 ÷ 160 acres = 71 1/32 acres

1 acre ≈ 0.4047 ha

→ 71 1/32 acres ≈ 71 1/32 x 0.4047 ha ≈ 28.75 ha = 28 3/4 ha

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Q: How many hectares are in 71 acres 0 rood 5 perches?
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How many perches in a rood?

40 perches in one rood.

How many perches per rood?


How big is one rood and twenty perches?

3/8ths of an acre. 1 rood is 1/4 of an acre, and twenty perches is 1/2 of a rood. Together they are 16,335 square ft.

How many perches is Root in land mesurment?

The Perch is a rather archaic term- there are 40 square Perches to a Rood (not root). See the link below for more information.

How do you convert 1.6km equal 1 mile to calculate the number of acres in 19 hectares?

You cannot mix Imperial lengths and Metyric lengths tyogether. You must use either: Square Metres - 10,000 Square Metre = 1 Hectare (METRIC AREA) OR Square Feet, Square Yards, Square Poles, Roods , and ACRES 30.25 Squ Yd = 1 Squ Pole. & 40 Squ Pole = 1 Rood & 4 Rood = 1 ACRE

What are roods?

Rood has several distinct meanings, all derived from the same basic source of "rood" as an archaic word for "pole", from Anglo-Saxon rōd "pole," specifically "crucifix." In the meaning "crucifix", rood usually refers to a sculpture or painting of the cross with Christ hanging on it. More precisely, "the Rood" refers to the Cross, the specific wooden cross used in Christ's crucifixion. In church architecture a rood screen is a wooden or stone screen, usually separating the chancel or choir from the nave. Rood is an Old English unit of area, equal to quarter of an acre, i.e. 10 890 square feet or 1011.7141056 m². A rectangular area with edges of one furlong and one rod respectively is one rood, as is an area consisting of 40 perches (square rods.) The rood was an important measure in surveying on account of its easy conversion to acres. When referring to areas, rod may be found in old documents and has exactly the same meaning as rood. Rood also refers to a British unit of linear measure between 16.5 and 24 feet. It is related to the German Rute (12.36 to 12.47 feet) and Denmark's rode (12.34 feet)

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