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Q: How many leads or pins are there on a 7-segment display which contains decimal point?
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If you have a Apple LED Cinema Display what other parts do you need to make it work?

Apple's Cinema Display screens need a power lead, a Macintosh computer that has a Mini Display Port and suitable leads to connect them together.

What Difference between path and a file name?

The "Path" is the route map that leads to the folder that contains the "Filename"

Which organ system contains the esophagus?

The esophagus is part of the digestive system. It is a tube that leads from the mouth to the stomach.

2003 Pontiac gran am no clock radio display?

I've fixed two base CD radio displays. They have a single bulb soldered to display circuit board behind clock/radio display. On the first I de-soldered the metal cover and removed to gently raise glass display and expose bulb. Solder connections are actually on outside of this display platform. I clipped leads on outside and threaded leads of new bulb (same as many 12v solder in instrument bulbs), and re-soldered to stubs of old bulb leads. I then reattached metal cover.After understanding how this was all made, on second unit I again simply clipped leads on exterior of display platform, without removing metal cover. I then used small drills to progressively enlarge bottom of plastic platform where old leads protruded. (I did this by hand, not with a 1/2" drill). Anyway, after enlarging hole enough to extract old bulb, I slipped new bulb back into opening and secured with a little hot melt glue, and re-soldered leads as done in first unit.Oh by the way, I'm a retired electronics technician.

How do you fix 2005 mercury montego radio display?

If the display is not on when you turn the ignition on. First you check the fuses. radio memory is usually run with the courtesy light fuse. The main radio fuse is marked radio. Second you pull the radio out and test the power leads to the radio. If you have no power then there may be a short in a wire. If there is power on the power leads then the radio must be replaced.

What judgment error or frailty in character does Creon display in antigone?

in the play she shows great pride in himself. and his pride is the thing that leads Antigone to kill herself

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Tap water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium which leads to what is classified as hard water in general.

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Beer is har full to health bec ause it contains more acidic compands.More over it is prepried by Graphies.littel taking is not leads to bad conditions but more amount of intake will leads to leaver damage

What is in botox injections?

Botox contains a bacterial toxin called Botulinum toxin. The toxin leads to muscular paralysis which ameliorates the appearance of wrinkles.

Which sentence segment contains a punctuation error atlanta the the capital of Georgia has been called the pacesetter of the south because the it leads that area in industry transportation and technol?

Has been called the "pacesetter of the south" contains a punctuation error.

Is eating too much popcorn bad for you?

If you ate a lot a lot it would be bad for you. Popcorn contains too much salt, which leads to diabetes.

How fractions division and decimals and related?

The line in a fraction can be read as "divided by." Completing the division leads to the equivalent decimal. 4/5 = four divided by five = 0.8

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