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Its 4 just like a square

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No it is not. The diagonals of a square are lines of symmetry; not so with a rectangle. So there are only 2 lines of symmetry.

In theory, the statement made by the User above^^^ is true, but when it comes to the decisive moment where one has to create structures, or anything that might save or take away lives, that fails... In a rectangle, if you make diagonals, the rectangle will be split into 2 equal length, equal size, right triangles. These people have made the common misconception of trusting a textbook entirely for their answers. Textbooks are written by humans, and humans make mistakes. If everyone understood this, 9/11 never would have happened.

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Q: How many lines of symmetry do rectangles have?
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How many lines of symmetry does a parallogram have?

Most parallelograms do not have any lines of symmetry. The only parallelograms that can have lines of symmetry are squares, rectangles, and rhombuses.

How many lines of symmetry do all nonsquare rectangles have?


What are figures that have two lines of symmetry?

Rectangles and Rhombuses (have at least 2 lines of symmetry).

What shapes have two lines of symmetry?

Ellipses and non-square rectangles have two lines of symmetry.

Why are diagonals not lines of symmetry in rectangles?

The diagonals of rectangles are rotational lines of symmetry but not reflective. To be reflective lines, folding along the line has to give the same shape on each side.

What polygons have 2 lines of symmetry?

squares and rectangles

What polygons have exactly 2 lines of symmetry?


How many lines of symmetry does a rectangle that measures 4 inches by 8 inches have?

Rectangles should always have 4 lines of symmetry, regardless of the parameters.

What quadrilaterals have exactly 2 lines of symmetry?

Rectangles and Rhombuses (if they are not also a square. Squares have 4 lines of symmetry.)

How many quadrilaterals have lines of symmetry?

Types of quadrilaterals that have lines of symmetry: squares, rectangles, some rhombuses (standard diamond shape), boomerang shape, and trapezoids.

Which common quadrilaterals have two lines of symmetry?

Rhombuses and Rectangles

How many lines of symmetry does a parallelogram have?

Squares, which are parallelograms, have four lines of symmetry. Rectangles have only two. Rhombi have two lines of symmetry. Generic parallelograms don't have any lines of symmetry.None normally unless it is in the shape of a rectangle in which case it will have 2 lines of symmetry

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