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Q: How many red circles are around the bullseye target?
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How many circles in target logo?

three 3 circles in the target logo. tres

What is the similarity between accuracy and precision?

Accuracy is coming close to a given point (hitting the bullseye of a target). Precision is coming close to a point consistently (hitting the same area of a target repeatedly). To be accurate and precise is to come to around a given point consistently (hitting the bullseye repeatedly). To be accurate but not precise is to hit the bullseye sometimes. To be precise but not accurate is to hit a point other than the bullseye many times (when aiming for the bullseye).

How many thing resemble concentric circles?

A Bullseye, culdesac, the store, Target's logo, a CD, tree rings, water ripples coming from a center point, and the rings of Saturn and Uranus, to name some.

How many red circles surround the target logo?

im pretty sure its has 2 circles

How many circles are drawn on target board in pistol shooting?


How many points is a bullseye?

It varies from target to target (sport to sport). In darts, it's 50 points (which is not the highest score a single dart can get a thrower, by the way). In most shooting sports (bullets and arrows), it's 10 points. The ring around the center or bullseye is worth 25 points in darts, and is worth 9 points in those shooting sports.

How many angles do circles have?

The angles around circles add up to 360 degrees

How many circles on an olympic archery target?

There are five colors, each divided into two scoring zones, which adds up to ten circles; a representation of the FITA 60 cm target face is shown at the FITA website.

What is the color of the bullseye on an archery target?

Over the years and around the world many different designs of archery target have been used. I'm sure some had red in the centre. However, today in target archery (e.g. as shot at the Olympics) the target face is standardised and the centre (which is never called the "Bullseye" by archers!) is yellow and is normally referred to as "Gold". An image of a target face can be found at Other target faces do exist; the most noticeably different would be one used for field archery which is all black apart from the centre which is, again, gold.

How many circles can you draw around the earth?

as many as possible it can go on for enternity

How many store does target have?

around 1500

How many points is it when you hit the bullseye in darts?

The very center of the bullseye is 50 points. The outer part is only 25.

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