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None normally although it is a 4 sided quadrilateral

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Q: How many right angle does arrowhead have?
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How many right angle in a arrowhead?

The arrowhead has zero right angles.

Can an arrowhead have a right angle in it?

yes it has one right angle

How many right angle are in a arrowhead?

Depends. Most of the time the angles are acute or obtuse

Does a arrowhead have right angle?

It can do.It can do.It can do.It can do.

What is a quadrilatral with one right angle?

It could be a trapezium, a kite or an arrowhead.

What shape is a quadrangle but with one right angle?

It can be an irregular quadrilateral, or a kite or arrowhead.

A quadrilateral that has no right angle and no paralles sides?

An arrowhead or a kite are two examples.

A four sided figure with one right angle?

A kite, arrowhead or irregular quadrilateral.

What quadrangle has one right angle?

If the question is about only one right angle, then the answer is a kite, arrowhead or a miscellaneous quadrangle which has no specific name.

Which quadilateral has exactly one right angle?

A kite, arrowhead or an irregular quadrilateral are three possibilities.

What shape has one acute and three obtuse angle?

arrowhead :)

An arrowhead can have a right angle?

It is not possible unless if you shape it to have one. However, the traditional and most familiar shape lacks a single right angle.