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45 x 66 = 2970 ft2

15 yards = 45 feet

22 yards = 66 feet

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Q: How many square feet are contained in space that measures 15 yards wide and 22 yards long?
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How many square yards are in 20x14 room?

A 20' by 14' room measures 31.1 square yards.

A rectangle patio measures 15 feet by 18 feet how many square yards is that?

25 square yards.

How many square yards is a rectangular patio that measures 31 feet by 26 feet?

89.55 square yards.

How many yards are there in the perimeter of a square that measures 3 yards on each side?


How many 1 foot square tiles will it take to cover a rectangle floor that measures 8 yards by 5 yards?

the answer is 40 square yards

How many square feet are contained in two square yards?

One square yard is nine square feet, 3*3, so there are eighteen square feet in two square yards.

How many square yards is a room that measures 12 feet X 17 feet 8 inches?

23.67 square yards

What is the surface area of a block that measures 7 yards by 4 yards by 10 yards?

Total surface area... 276 square yards.

1 cent equal to square yards?

No, the two measures are not the same.

How many square yards of carpet are necessary to cover a floor that measures 15 feet by 12 feet?

20 square yards are needed

What is the total area in square yards of a garden that measures 15 feet by 30 feet?

5 x 10 = 50 square yards

How many square ft in a cubic yard?

None. "Cubic yard" is a unit of volume, or space. "Square yard" is a unit of area. They measure different things, with different physical dimensions, and they can't convert to each other. If volume and area could convert to each other, then you'd be able to figure out how many acres of gas you put in the car last week, and how many gallons of carpet it'll take to do the upstairs hallway.