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Total square feet: 180.0 (15 x 12 = 180)

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Q: How many square feet in 15feet X 12feet area?
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What is the area of a rectangle with a length of 15feet and a width of 9fee t?

15*9 = 135 square feet

How many square yards in a 12feet x14 feet room?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. The calculation will give you 168 square feet. Divide by 9 to get the square yards and you have 18.67.

What is 9feet by 12feet in square feet?

108 square feet (9 x 12 = 108).

How many square feet is 21 feet by 12feet?

Just multiply the 21 by the 12 and you have 252 square feet.

How many square meters is 12feet x12 feet?

13.378 square meters.

What is the area for 7feet times 7feet times 15feet times 15feet divided by 2?

The triangle's area = 52.5 feet2 if one side is 7 feet and the other side is 15 feet.

How many sq yards for 15feet x 1.5 feet?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard. That would work out to be 2.5 square yards.

A room is 12feet by 22 feet how many square feet of carpet wiil I need?


How yards in 12feet?

4 yards. If you mean 12 square feet, the answer is 1.33 square yards.

How many sq meters is 15feet by 8 feet?

15 x 8 feet is 11.15 square meters.

How many square inches are in a room measuring 12feet by 16 feet?

12 feet x 16 feet = 27,648 square inches

What is the area of a recangle with a width of 12feet and a length of 10feet?

Area of a recangle = (width) x (length) = (12-ft x 10-ft) = 120 square feet