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About 102.2 square meters.

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Q: How many square meters are in a 1100 square foots house?
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How many square feet in 120x55?

if 150 and 55 are foot measurements then there are 1100 square feet.

How many square feet in a 48' x 96'?

4,608 square feet. Multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

How many square feet is 1100 cubic feet?

A square foot is a unit of area. A cubic foot is a unit of volume. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many square miles inside m25?

This is technically impossible to answer as the M25 is not a complete circle - it is a C shape: the Dartford crossing is actually an A road (the A282). However, ignoring this [obscure fact], a full lap of the M25 plus Dartford crossing is approx 118 miles in length, and assuming it to be a circle, its area would be approx 1100 sq miles - as the M25 wiggles quite a bit, the area is slightly less than this.

How deep and wide is five acres?

Assuming you want a rectangular area, it can have any width and depth AS LONG AS width × length = 5 acres, ie width = 5 acres ÷ length.Some examples are:1 yd by 24200 yds (13¾ miles)2 yds by 12100 yds (6⅞ miles)4 yds by 6050 yds (3 7/16 miles)5 yds by 4840 yds (22 furlongs)8 yds by 3025 yds (13¾ furlongs)10 yds by 2420 yds (11 furlongs)11 yds (½ chain) by 2200 yds (10 furlongs)20 yds by 1210 yds (5½ furlongs)22 yds (1 chain) by 1100 yds (5 furlongs)25 yds by 968 yds40 yds by 605 yds44 yds (2 chains) by 550 yds (2½ furlongs)50 yds by 484 yds (22 chains)55 yds (2½ chains) by 440 yds (2 furlongs)88 yds (4 chains) by 275 yds (1¼ furlongs)100 yds by 242 yds (11 chains)110 yds (5 chains) by 220 yds (1 furlong)121 yds (5½ chains) by 200 yds½ furlong (110 yds) by 10 chains (220 yds)Historically an acre was the area of land a team of oxen could plough in 1 day and was a furrow long (furlong or 220 yds) and a chain (22 yds) wide (of the furrows). This was based on a rectangular field, but as the acre is a measure of area it can be any shape.

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