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Area = 30*40 = 1200 square meters

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Q: How many square meters in a 30 meter x 40 meter room?
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How many square meter is a 2.5x3.0 meter room?

2.5 x 3.0 = 7.5 square meters

How many square meter is a 2.5 x 4.0 meter room?

2.5*4 = 10 square meters

How many square meter in a room 6 feet by 6 feet?

3.34 square meters.

How many meter are there in a room that measures 4882 square feet?

4,882 square feet equates to 453.55 square meters.

How many square meters in a 25 meter x 30 meter room?

25*30 = 750 sq metres.

How many square meter in a 7feet by 3 feet room?

21 square feet (7'x3') = 1.95 square meters.

A room which is 5x3 meters what is that in meter squared?

5 meters x 3 meters = 15 square meters

What is the dimension of a room described as 3 square meters?

It would be a very small room. More like a closet. Try 1 meter by 3 meter, or 1.5 meter by 2 meter both would make 3 square meters.

How many square meters in a room 15.1 x 16 feet?

The total square footage is 241.6 square feet. This is about 22.4 m2 (22.445). 1 meter = 3.28 feet and 1 square meter = 10.764 square feet Alternatively, the room is 4.60 x 4.88 meters = 22.4 m2

How many SQUARMTR in a linear meter?

A square meter is a unit for an area. If you have a room that is 3 meters by 4 meters, it has a floor area of 3x4=12 square meters. This unit can not be converted to regular meters because they measure two different sort of things.

How do you find the square meter-age of a room?

You have to measure the area of the room. Measure both length and width in meters and multiply both to get the area in square meters.

How many square meters in a room 10ftx10ft?

9.29 square meters

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