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Its about $6000 per acre depending on location of the land

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Q: How much it cost for 1 acre of land in floresville Texas?
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What is average cost for an acre of land in Mineral Wells Texas?

1 dollar

What is the cost of Land in Texas?

Depends on location. There is a big difference in cost of an acre of land with no mineral rights in west Texas vs a building lot in downtown Houston.

How much does one acre of land cost in Santa Fe Texas?

12 cents

How much money does it cost for one acre of land in Texas?

Around $5000 to $10000.

Americans were attracted to Texas in the 1820s because of the?

Americans were attracted to Texas in the 1820s because Spain offered land at about 4 cents an acre, while land in the United States cost about $1.25 an acre at that time.

How much is an acre of land in Texas?

43,560 sq. ft/For cost, check w/local realtor.

What is the average cost of moving an acre of land?

an acre cost about 100-1000

What is cost of undeveloped land per acre in southern illinois?

Cost of land may be $5000 per acre.

How much does 1 acre of land cost in Jacksonville Florida?

The cost of an acre of land in Jacksonville Florida varies significantly. An acre of land in the city will be more than land in a rural setting.

How much does the average acre of land cost?

In New York state, an average acre of land costs about $1000 if the land is rural. In the city, an acre of land can cost as much as $12,000.

How much does land cost per acre in California?

5.00 an acre

What is the average cost of an acre of land in Aberdeen Scotland?

The average price of an acre of land in Aberdeen, Scotland varies, depending on where the land is located. On average, an acre will cost from £700 to over £1,000 each.

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