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"Square cubic foot" or feet doesn't make sense. Either you have square feet, or cubic feet.

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Q: How much water contain in 1 square cubic feet?
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How many liters of water in 120 cubic feet?

120 cubic feet can contain 3,398.02 liters of water.

How many cubic feet of water in a 12x12x43560?

Assuming your measurements are in feet, this volume would contain 6,272,640 cubic feet of water.

How many gallons of water can fit in 60 cubic feet?

60 cubic feet can contain up to 448.831 US gallons of water.

What is the volume of water in 900 square feet with 8 inches of water?

600 cubic feet.

How many square feet are in 5000 cubic feet?

Square feet and cubic feet are not comparable

How many square feet of volume does one gallon of water equal?

If you meant cubic feet 1 gallon of water is equal to .134 cubic feet. 7.48 gallons per cubic foot of water

Convert 2.188 cubic square meters into cubic square feet?

2.18800 (cubic (square meter)) = 2 728.711 cubic (square feet)

How many cubic feet of water make a ton?

A volume of about 2,232.47 cubic feet is needed to contain one US ton (2,000 pounds) of water.

Do you measure a pool using cubic inches or square feet?

The amount (volume) of water is measured in gallons or cubic feet.

How many square feet is 5 cubic feet?

Square feet and cubic feet are units of different measurements. Square feet is a unit of area. Cubic feet is a unit of volume.

How many cubic feet in 440 square feet?

As an area of square feet has no height, it has no volume which is measured in cubic feet. Thus there are 0 cubic feet in 440 square feet.

What is 350 cubic feet in square feet?

Does not compute. Cubic feet is volume and square feet is area.

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