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Two lines are parallel when they remain equal distance apart and never intersect each other

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Q: How you can tell if two lines are parallel?
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By looking at two linear equations how can you tell that the corresponding lines are parallel?

By looking st two linear equations you can tell that the corresponding lines are parallel when the slope is the same. The slope controls where the line is.

When are two lines nonintersecting?

When two lines are parallel, then they do not intersect.

How do you tell if lines on a graph are parallel?

two ways : 1. calculate the slope of the two lines, if it is same, they are parallel. 2. draw a perpendicular line ( 90 degrees) from on of the lines and if it intersects the other line at 90degrees then they are parallel -HD

If two lines are parallel to a third line then the two lines are parallel?

They are parallel to each other.

What is Perpendicular and Parallel?

Perpendicular is when two lines cross... Parallel is when two lines never meet.... _____________ _____________ = PARALLEL LINES If they cross they are perpendicular, if they don't, they are parallel.

What is the two parallel lines?

2 parallel lines are lines that will never intersect

Are two lines that are not parallel coplanar and do not intersect?

are two lines that are not parallel, coplanar, and do not intersect

What is the symbol for two lines not being parallel?

Two lines that are not parallel are perpendicular. The symbol is +.

How can two lines be parallel?

If they are set next to each other and never cross.Edit by Gamerkid26:_________________ Those two lines are parallel.// Those two lines are also parallel.So are those two.\\ And those two./\ These lines are NOT parallel.======================

Is there a way you can you tell if the corresponding lines are parallel?

If you can find the slope of both lines, then yes you can tell. The slope for parallel lines is the same - so if your slopes are the same, your lines are parallel. If you are measuring (less exact) the lines will be the same distance apart everywhere.

Can two intersecting lines be parallel?

no. parallel lines never touch.

Two lines in the same plane that do not intersect?

They are parallel lines