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Diameter of circle: 132/pi = 42 inches rounded to the nearest whole number

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Q: If a circle has a circumference of 132 inch what is the diameter?
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Is 132 a square number?

No 132 is not a square number because every number up to 132 times its self does not equal 132 and a square number is a number that is a multiple of 1 number times itself so 132 is not a square number.

132 feet equals how many yards?

132/3= 44 yards

What is 11x12 in square feet?

132 square feet (11 x 12 = 132).

The lateral surface area of a hollow cylinder is 4224 cu cm and it is cut along its height and a rectangular sheet of width 32 cm is formed so find the perimeter of the rectangular sheet?

hi i m sunny dhiman.. The lateral surface area of cylinder will become equal to the area of rectangle now we have area of rectangle = 4224 cm^2 breadth (width) = 33cm area of rectangle = l * b 4224 = l * 33 4224/33 = l 128 = l Perimeter of rectangle = 2l+ 2b =2 (128) + 2(33) =332cm Previous answer was completely wrong. Lateral area of cylinder is 4224 (not by the way) Height is 32 cm so lateral width must be 4224/32 = 132 cm = diameter of cylinder. Perimeter of sheet is the circumference of a 132 cm cylinder = 132*Pi = 414.6902 cm. So final sheet size is 32 cm x 414.6902 cm.

What is the measurement of angle that supplements a 132 degree angle?

The supplemental angle to an angle measure 132° is an angle measuring 114°. The supplement of an angle is another angle whose measure, when added to the original angle, will result in a measure of 180°. Given an angle that is 132°, we can find the supplement's measure by subtracting this angle from 180°. 180° - 132° = 114°

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How many yards of fabric are in a circle with 132 inch diameter?

Area of circle of 132 inch diameter = 13684*78 sq inches = 10.56 sq yards.

What is the circumference of a circle with a radius of 66 inches?

Circumference = 3.14 x diameter Diameter = radius x 2 So...... 3.14 x 132 = 414.48

What is the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 42 feet rounded to the nearest ft?

The circumference of any circle is (pi) x (the diameter).The circumference of your circle is (42 pi) feet, exactly.The multiplications yields 131.9468915 feet (using a simple calculator) so the answer rounded to the nearest foot would be 132 feet

What is the circumference of a 66 inch table?

132 pi

What is the circumference of a 21-inch circle how can solve?

By a 21-inch circle I presume you mean that the diameter is 21 inches. So the radius is half as long, 10.5 inches. The formula for the circumference of a circle is 2 pi r, where r is the radius. Pi is about 3.14. That is accurate to 2 decimals, or 3 significant digits all together. I use that approximation because the dimension we are given has 2 significant digits. So the circumference is pi times the diameter; we multiply 3.14 by 21 inches and get 65.94. To 2 significant digits, that is 66 inches. If you meant that the radius was 21 inches, then the circumference would be twice as much, or 132 inches.

What is the radius of the circle if circumference is 132cm?

Radius of circle: 132/2pi = 21cm to the nearest integer

What is the area of a circle that has a diameter of 26 centimeters?

pi*132 = 530.9291585 or about 531 square cm

The circumference of the base of a cylindrical vessel is 132 cm and its height is 25 cm How many liters of water can it hold?

1 liter = 1000 cubic cm The diameter = 132/pai cm Base area = pai x (132/pai) 2 The volume is = Base x height = [(132) 2 /pai] x 25 /1000 litres Then do the calculation.

How thick is 132 inch?

132 inches is equivalent to 11 feet

How many 12 inch blocks are needed to fill a 132 square foot space?


How many inch equal 11 feet?

132 inches

How many meters in132 inch?

About 3.35m in 132 inches.