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A straight line has no vertex.

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Q: If a line is straight how can you tell the vertex?
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Related questions

What is diagonal in a polygon?

A straight line that joins one vertex to another vertex.

What are the diaganals of a pentegon?

A diagonal is any straight line from one vertex to a non-adjacent vertex.

What is a diagonal in a shape?

A diagonal in a shape is a straight line from one vertex to another vertex (corner).

What path does a vertex of a square trace?

It depends on what the motion is. If the square is sliding along a straight line then the path of the vertex is a straight line. If the square is rotating, the answer will vary according to the location of the centre of rotation.

How does a straight angel look in math?

Not sure about straight angels, but a straight angle is simply a straight line which goes through the vertex.

What is the vertex of y equals x plus 1?

y = x +1 is the equation of a straight line and so has no vertex.

Diagonal of a parallelogram?

Is the straight line joining one of the vertices to the vertex opposite.

How do you identify a median in triangles?

It is a straight line from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side.

What are the coordinates of the vertex y equals x plus 2 minus 4?

y = x + 2 - 4 is the same as y = x - 2 which is the equation of a straight line. A single straight line cannot have a vertex.

Altitude of triangle?

A straight line from any vertex to the opposite side which is perpendicular to that side.

Does a straight angle have a vertex?

yes they do have a vertex

How do you draw a median in geometry?

a median is a line or segment with one endpoint as the midpoint, and the other end at the vertex. so start at a vertex and draw a straight line to the midpoint of the opposite side.

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