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2 meters 3 centre meters xx

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Q: If a rope is 4M and 6Cm long and it is cut in half then in 2 equal pieces then how long is each piece?
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What is one eighth?

Cut an apple into 4 equal pieces. Cut each piece of the apple in half. The 8 pieces you end up with are each one eighth of the apple.

If you cut a line into two pieces each piece would be a what?

If you cut a line into two pieces it would be a half.

What does broken in half mean?

you started off with one piece, broke it, and now you have two pieces of equal length

One half of one eighth is?

One Sixteenth. If a cake is cut into 8 equal pieces each piece is one-eighth of the cake.If you now cut each of those 8 pieces of cake into two you would now have 16 pieces, each one being one-sixteenth of the whole cake.

If i cut a cake into six pieces to share with all my friends If each person with a piece splits their piece in half to give to another friend how many pieces of cake are there in the end?


What is symmetrical balance in art?

Symmetrical balance in art refers to an equal visual weight in the composition of a piece. If one of these pieces were split in half, the visual weight would be identical on each side.

Susie has a cake that she splits into six pieces to share with all her friends If each person with a piece of cake then splits their piece in half to give to another frie?

im guessing the end of this question is how many pieces would each friend have. the answer would be two

One eighth is half of one quarter?

Yes that's correct. Imagine a pie or pizza. Slice into quarters. Make one cut in half, then another cut perpendicular to that. Each piece is 1/4 of the whole. Now make two more slices at 45° angles, so that there are 8 equal pieces. Each of those is 1/8 of the whole, and also each of those is one half of the quarter-size pieces.

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When something is cut into equal pieces, (think of a pie), the pieces are larger the fewer pieces there are. If the pie is cut in half, that is an entire HALF of the pie one has to eat. But if the pie is cut into three equal pieces, there are more pieces, but they are smaller. So, one fourth of the pie would be even smaller because you are getting ONE piece of a pie that is cut into FOUR pieces. The bottom number of the fraction is how many equal sized pieces there are, and the top number is how many you are getting.

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If an 18 cm strip were to be cut in half each piece would be 9 cm long.

What is it called when you divide something into 2 equal pieces?

Cutting them in half.

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Something split into two equal pieces.

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