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If radius of a circle is 9 centimeters the circumference would be: 56.55 cm (r x 2 x Pi = circumference).

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Q: If radius of a circle is 9 centimeters what would be the circumference?
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What would the circumference of a circle be if the radius is 5 centimeters?


A circle has a radius of 7 centimeters What formula would you use to find the circumference?

circumference = 2*pi*7* centimeters

If you have a radius of three centimeters and you draw a circle around it what is the answer?

the circumference would be 18.84,the area would be 28.26 pi=3.14

What is the circumference of the circle with a 6 inches radius?

The circumference of a circle equals the diameter times pi. The diameter is two times the radius. So a circle with a radius of 6 would have a diameter of 12, and a circumference of 12pi.

What is the product of a circle's radius and 2 pi?

That would be the circumference of the circle.

What is the circumference of a circle if the radius is 5meters?

To find the circumference of a circle the equation would be pi multiplied by diameter, or radius squared. the answer would be 31.415 units squared.

How do you get the radius of a circle from the circumfrance?

To find the radius of a circle when given the circumference, you should start with the formula for circumference, which is this: circumference = 2*pi*radius To solve for the radius, you would the have to divide the circumference by 2*pi leaving you with a formula like this: radius = circumference/(2*pi) pi≈3.14159

If you draw a circle with a radius of 29 centimeters what is it's diameter?

You take the radius of 29 centimeters and double it for the diameter - 58 centimeters.Then you could multiply the diameter of 58 centimeters by pi, which is 3.141 (approximately).This would give you the circumference of 182.178 centimeters.

what is the circumference of a circle when the radius is 3.5?

21.99 units would be your answer.

What are the circumference of a circle with a 5.8 radius?

The circumference would be 11.6(pi) or approximately 36.44

What is the circumference of the circle if the diameter needs to be 8 centimeters?

A circle with a diameter of 8 would have the circumference of 2.54. This is the measurement inside the circle.

Why would you use a formula to determine the circumference of a circle?

There is a constant relationship between the radius of a circle and its circumference. This is expressed in a formula.

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