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In the given truss bridge parallelogram ABCD and PQRS are congruent if AB 24 feet what is PQ?

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you didnt even answer it

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Q: In the given truss bridge parallelogram ABCD and PQRS are congruent if AB 24 feet what is PQ?
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What does the Red Triangle with an R mean?

on a building, it apparently tells firement the building has a (R)egular roof as opposed to a truss roof. Truss roofs tend to colapse in fires, so firemen do not get on top of it.

What is the strongest geometric shape?

The triangle is the strongest geometric shape, as it holds its shape and has a base which is very strong. The triangle is common in all sorts of building supports and trusses. If all three sides of a triangle are made of rigid material, the angles are fixed and cannot get larger or smaller without breaking at the joints, unlike a rectangle, for example, which can turn into a parallelogram and even collapse totally. If you take a rectangle and place one diagonal piece from corner to corner, you can make that strong and stable, too, but doing that makes two triangles.

Can a 4X8 beam support a floor with a span of 13 feet?

Technically Yes, but you'll need to check with your building inspector because there are codes regarding structure that vary from place to place, and the inspector isn't going to pass something based on my say so.The old rule of thumb was 1 inch for 1 foot, so a 12 foot span would require a 2 x 12.A 4 x 8 isn't equal to a 2 X 16, or even 2 2 X 8's, but it should do if the load isn't too great.I'm guessing you want to go with 8" stock because you've got some headroom issues. You'd be better off structurally with an LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) or OSB (Oriented strand Beam) or a truss, but these are kind of pricey.If you get in trouble see if they'll let you go with them on 12" centers.

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Is a pegram truss an arch bridge?

it is a hybrid between an arch bridge and truss bridge. so it is classified as an arch and truss

What is the strongest type of truss bridge?

Warren truss bridge

When was Glenville Truss Bridge created?

Glenville Truss Bridge was created in 1885.

What is a truss on a truss bridge?

A truss is a diagonal brace which provides structural support for a bridge span by extending between a vertical member and the bridge span.

Is a truss or a arch bridge stronger?

a truss

What holds up the bridge?

the truss

What does a house truss do?

trussesWarren truss bridge

What common truss types used in bridges?

The type of bridges are: -truss bridge -arch bridge (truss arch bridge) -suspension bridge (suspension truss bridge) -cantilever bridge

Is the camelback bridge the same as the crescent truss bridge?

you can check this out link below- its about Truss Bridges

When was Ouaquaga Lenticular Truss Bridge created?

Ouaquaga Lenticular Truss Bridge was created in 1888.

When was Fink-Type Truss Bridge created?

Fink-Type Truss Bridge was created in 1857.

When was Wilson Pratt Truss Bridge created?

Wilson Pratt Truss Bridge was created in 1904.