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Q: In which of these quadrilaterals are the sides always congruent?
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What type of quadrilaterals always have four congruent sides?

They are a square and a rhombus

Which quadrilaterals always have 2 pairs of parallel sides and always have 4 congruent angle?

Square and rectangle.

What quadrilaterals have no sides congruent?


What quadrilaterals have no congruent sides and no congruent angels?

There is no specific name for them.

Which quadrilaterals are consecutive and opposite angles always congruent?

quadrilaterals are consecutive and opposite angles always congruent?

Which quadrilaterals have 4 congruent sides?


What quadrilaterals opposite sides are congruent?

A parallelogram (and all its special cases) has two pairs of opposite sides that are congruent. An isosceles trapezium has one pair of congruent opposite sides. Selected irregular quadrilaterals can have a pair.

What is a quadrilateral with opposite sides of congruent?

Parallelograms, rhombuses, squares, and rectangles are the quadrilaterals that have opposite congruent sides.

Which type of quadrilateral have four congruent sides?

A square and a rhombus are 4 sided quadrilaterals that have congruent sides

What are two quadrilaterals that have for congruent sides?

square and rectangle

Are all squares quadrilaterals why or why not?

Yes they are. The definition of a quadrilateral is a closed figure with four sides. A square always has four congruent sides and is a closed figure. Therefore, all squares are quadrilaterals. Trapezoids, rhombuses, and rectangles are also quadrilaterals.

In which of these quadrilaterals are the angles always congruent?