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No. A diamond as in a Baseball diamond has four sides, making it a quadrilateral not a triangle. A diamond as in the kind in jewelry usually has five sides making it a pentagon. And also, a diamond would usually be 3 dimensional, and a triangle can only be two dimensional.

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Q: Is a diamond a triangle
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What does diamond and triangle make?

diamond triangle

What is the shape of a paragraph?

diamond regular triangle inverted triangle rectangle

Which shape is more stable a triangle a square or a diamond?

A triangle. If you made a diamond or a square (which is really just a type of diamond) out of bendy straws, you could bend the them at their points. However, if you made a triangle out of straws, you couldn't bend it at its points. Therefore, a triangle is the most stable.

How do you differentiate between diamond and quartz?


How do you get the diamond out of the rock in diamond mines?

You take the magnifying glass and you look for the diamond that has a symbol of a uncompleted triangle on it and you click on it and you get the diamond.

Is the timing mark on the top sprocket the diamond or the triangle on this 97 ranger 2.3?

the diamond lines up about 12:00 and the triangle about 5:00 in line with the triangle mark on the inner cover

Is diamond a triangle shape?

it is a square tipped sideways

In poptropica Diamond mines where is the diamond when it's with the other non diamond?

You take the magnifying glass and look for the diamond that has a symbol on it. It will tell you but just in case its the diamond that has a uncompleted triangle on it.

How do you get the diamond out on Poptropica?

you find the one with the wierd triangle symbol

What is the name of a shape that looks like a turned diamond?

a triangle

How many triangle make a diamond?

How many triangies make a diamond?

What is a rhombus triangle?

A rhombus is an equilateral parallelogram. That looks like a diamond.

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