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No, because if you look at all the other prisms its totally different ....

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Q: Is a sphere a prism and why?
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Is a sphere a prism or a pyramid?

is a sphere a prisam

Is a sphere a prism or pyramid?

is a sphere a prisam

Is a sphere a prism?


Is a sphere a circular prism?

No, a cylinder is.

Is a cylinder a sphere?

No, it is a prism as both of its bases are the same.

Is a sphere a pentagonal prism?

No, a pentagon has five angled sides. A sphere does not have any angles.

How do you find the area of a prism and a sphere?

Area of a sphere = (4pi/3) x (radius)3 Area of a prism depends on its shape, how many faces, etc.

Which does not have any edges cube sphere rectangular prism square pyramid?

A sphere does NOT have any edges

How many 3-d shapes are there?

sphere, cube, cuboid, triangulare prism,square based pyramid,rectangulare based pyramid, hexagonal prism, octagonal prism, semi sphere, * * * * * There are infinitely many pyramids or prisms.

Name six 3-d shapes?

ummm.., I....... A cube, a cuboid, a pyramid, a cone, a sphere, a cylinder and a prism. Is it okay if I give you 12? Here you go: * Cube * Cone * Pyramid * Rectangular Prism * Pyramid * Cylinder * Sphere * Hexagonal Prism * Triangular Prism * Frustum of a Cone * Frustum of a Pyramid * Oval * Tube/Pipe A cube, a cuboid, a pyramid, a cone, a sphere, a cylinder and a prism.

What are some 3-d shapes?

cuboid,sphere,cube,rectangular prism,triangular prism,hexagonal prism anyone else have some?

How does just a prism look like?

A prism is anything geometric figure with three dimensions. There is no regular "prism", unfortunatly. A prism needs something to describe it. A sphere, a rectangular prism, a cube, etc...

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