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A trapezoid can be congruent or similar to another trapezoid.

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Q: Is a trapziod congruent similar or neither?
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Can two rectangles be neither similar nor congruent?


Can congruent figures be similar and can similar figures be congruent?

Congruent figures are always similar. However, similar figures are only sometimes congruent.

Are congruent tiangles similar?

All congruent shapes are similar, but not all similar shapes are congruent.

Can a rectangle be a trapziod?


Are congruent figure similar?

Yes, congruent figures have to be similar

Is a rhombus a trapziod?

H to the no

Are all similar figures congruent?

Yes, but they are more than similar - they are congruent.

Is congruent figures are always similar?

Are congruent figures always similar? Yes.

What are similarities of congruent shapes and similar shapes?

The angles for congruent shapes and the angles in similar shapes are all the same. All the sides are also proportional in both. Basically, all congruent shapes are similar but not all similar shapes are congruent.

Can two shapes be congruent and not similar?

In short, no. Similar shapes are shapes in which all corresponding angles congruent regardless of the length of the sides. Congruent shapes have congruent corresponding angles and corresponding sides. In effect congruent shapes is a special condition of similar shapes.

How are similar and congruent figures the same?

Congruent figures are similar - in sides as well as angles. Corresonding angles of similar figures congruent but their sides are not. The sides are all in some fixed ratio. [If that ratio is 1, the figures are congruent.]

Do two similar polygons have to be congruent?

no, they could be different size but same shape and be similar but not congruent.