Is a triangle a paralellogram

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is a triangle a paralellogram
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What does a triangle and a trapezoid makes?

A trapezoid and a triangle make a paralellogram.

What are rectangles?

A geometric shape (paralellogram) having four right angles. Oddly, the word rectangle comes from the Latin rectangulum, meaning a triangle having a right angle.

Can a paralellogram be a square?


How many sides does a paralellogram have?


Is a square a paralellogram?

Yes it is one

Is a paralellogram symmetrical?

It can be in some cases.

Is a quadrangle a paralellogram?

No, but a parallelogram is a quadrangle.

Are all angles equal on a paralellogram?


Does a paralellogram have a pair of perpendicular sides?

No not normally

Is every rhombus a paralellogram?

Yes, it is a parallelogram.

Are the opposite angles of a paralellogram equal?


What type of shape is a paralellogram?

quadrilateral ~rainingcoconuts