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No. One yard is a distance, square yard is the surface of a square that's one yard long and one yard wide.

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Q: Is a yard the same as a square yard?
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Is a square foot and a square yard the same?

No. A square yard is equal to 9 square feet.

Is a square yard the same as a yard square?

'One square yard' and 'a yard square' are the same thing. But that only works with 'one'. With any amount bigger or smaller than one, there is always a difference. Two square yards is definitely not the same thing as two yards square! Two square yards is 'one square yard' plus 'one square yard'. That's 2 sq. yds. A two yard square is an area that is two yards long and two yards wide. That's 4 sq. yds.

Feet in a square yard?

You mean Square Feet in Square Yard.....Right? One square yard is the area occupied by a square of side 1 yard. But 1 yard is 3 feet so one square yard is equivalent in area occupied by a square of side 3 feet, but now the units will be square feet rather than square yard. A square with side 3 feet has an ares of 9 square feet which is the same as 1 square yard.

Is a yard the same as square yard?

No. A yard measures a straight line, which is 3 feet long. A square yard measures a square that is 3 feet long on each side. Multiply two sides to get the total area of a square yard. So a yard is 3 feet long and a square yard covers an area of 9 feet.

How many square feet are in a square yard of asphalt?

I square yard is a suare measuring 1 yard by 1 yard, which is the same as a square measuring 3 feet by 3 feet. 3 feet x 3 feet = 9 square feet.

Is sq yard and sq feet same?

They are both a measure of area. But there are 9 square feet in one square yard.

Would it be cheaper to do floor in square feet or square yard?

The question you really want to consider is: "Are they charging more for 9 square feet or for 1 square yard ?" The areas are exactly the same.

How do call a four sided yard?

A square yard.A square yard.A square yard.A square yard.

Is a square foot or a square yard larger?

A square yard.

How many yard does one square yard equal?

One square yard is just that. One yard wide by one yard long. It is one square yard.

Square yard equation?

1 square yard = 1 yard x 1 yard

Which is bigger one square yard or one square foot?

A square yard is larger. There are 9 square feet in each square yard.

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