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Yes, all of the radii in a single circle are congruent.

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Q: Is all radii of a circle are congruent?
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What does the word congruent have common with a circle?

What the word congruent and circle have in common is that circles have a congruent radii. All of the radii in a single circle is congruent to each other.

Are all the radii of a circle congruent?


Are two radii of a circle congruent?

Yes. All radii of the same circle have the same length.

All radii of a circle are?

All the radii of a circle are of equal length. The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to the out edge. Having equal radii is what defines a circle.

Is it true that All radii of a circle are equal.?

Yes, providing that the radii are all in the same circle

Are radii of congruent circles equal?

Yes. Congruent circles by definition have the same size, and the radius sufficiently describes the size of a circle.

Are two arcs of a circle congruent if and only if their associated radii are congruent?

The answer is false

What are congruent circles?

Circles that have congruent radii. Congruent=coinciding at all points when superimposed (

Are all radii of a circle congruent?

Yes. That is obvious from the definition of a circle (or one possible definition): the set of all points in a plane that are at the same distance from a given point (the center of the circle).

Circles that have congruent radii?

Congruent circles

Do all the radii of a circle have different lengths?

NO. All the radii of a circle are of exactly the same length. In fact, that is the definition of the locus of a point describing a circle.

What are reasons used to proof that the equilateral triangle construction actually constructs an equilateral triangle?

all the angles measure up to be the sameTwo segments that are both congruent to a third segment must be congruent to each otherAll of the radii of a circle are congruent

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