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It is area, not perimeter!

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Q: Is carpeting a floor a area are a perimeter?
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Real life example of both perimeter and area?

Fencing a yard for perimeter, and carpeting or furniture arrangement for area. Hope that helps!

The perimeter of a square floor is 144 feet what is the area of the floor?

The floor's area is: 1,296 square feet.

The perimeter of a square floor is 144 feet so what is the area of the floor?

The area of the floor is 1296 square feet.

Calculate floor perimeter area ratio?

the p/a ratio is the sum of the perimeter divided by the area therefore if perimeter is 20m and the area 25m2 the sum is 20/25=0.8

What is perimiter area of floor?

A perimeter is a linear measurement. An area is the product of two linear measurements, such as length and width. I cannot imagine what you mean by "perimeter area."

Is the volume the perimeter or the area?

Neither. -- Perimeter = the distance all the way around it. -- Area = how much of the floor it covers. -- Volume = how much water it can hold.

Can you put floor tiles around the perimeter of an area rug?

yes i think

Is it area or perimeter to find how much carpet you need to cover the floor?

Niether; It's surface area.

Why do you use area and perimeter?

A lot of times, area and perimeter is used to help with a lot of home improvement projects like carpeting and hardwood flooring and painting. This is used to help give a good estimate of how much material you would need for these sort of projects. To find out what the outside of the shape is (perimeter), and to find out the inside size (area).

When you want to carpet the entire floor is that perimeter or area?

That is the area. The perimeter is the measure around something, and it is relevant, among other things, to know how much fencing you need for a lot.

How much carpeting will be needed to cover a 11 feet by 9 feet floor?

For carpeting a floor you would need to find the area. So guessing your room is a square you multiply the length x width (It doesn't matter which order you multiply the two numbers in) So..... 11x9=99

Area of rhombus if area and perimeter is given and if you have to find altitude?

Perimeter = 4*Side so that Side = Perimeter/4 Area of a rhombus = Side * Altitude so Altitude = Area/Side = Area/(Perimeter/4) = 4*Area/Perimeter

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