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Q: Is every rectangle with four congruent sides a square true or false?
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A rectangle is a rhombus true or false?

False but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals

If the diagonals of a parallelogram are congruent the parallelogram may or may not be a rectangle?


True or false All angles of a rhombus are congruent?

The angles in a square are congruent true or false

Is this false if a figure has four congruent angles then its a square?

Yes, it is false. It need not be a square.

Are rectangles squares?

No, but a Square can be a rectangle. Not the other way around.A square is a regular rectangle!No its false

True or False: A square is a rectangle?

True, a square can be classified as a rectangle - a rectangle must have 4 - 90° angles and it CAN have 4 equal sides. A rectangle cannot be classified as a square.

The diagonals of a square from 6 pairs of congruent triangles true or false?

False. There are 6 pairs of smaller congruent triangles and two pair of larger ones.

Is the diagonal of square from 6 pairs of congruent triangles?

The statement is false.

True or false the horizontal cross-sectional shapes of a cone are all congruent except for the vertex?

False. Every cross-sectional shape of a cone is not congruent.

What is the truth value of a statement a square has 4 congruent sides and a rectangle has 4 parallel sides?

It is false. The first part about the square is true, but the second part is false. A rectangle has two pairs of parallel sides. The "and' means that both parts must be true for the statement to be true. A convex polygon can have many pairs of parallel sides, but you can never have 3 or more sides all parallel to each other.

The volume of square or rectangle can be found by multiplying length by width true or false?


True or false Similar polygons have congruent sides and congruent angles?

False. The angles will be congruent, but the sides not so.