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an irregular hexagon? yes, any polygon with 6 sides

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Q: Is it possible to draw a hexagon with no lines of symmetry?
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How do you draw a hexagon with 3 lines of reflective symmetry?

A regular hexagon with 6 equal sides will have 3 lines of symmetry

Can you draw a hexagon with 2 lines of symmetry?


How do you draw lines of symmetry lines in a regular hexagon?

From each vertex to its opposite vertex. These will be centered on a shared point at the center of the hexagon. Each complete line will be a line of symmetry for the hexagon.

Is it possible for a triangle to have four lines of symmetry?

No it's not possible. The triangle with the most lines of symmetry is Isosceles triangle and that has 3 lines of symmetry. Unless you draw on the back, but that isn't correct.

How can I Draw 2 lines of symmetry on a triangle?

You cannot. An equilateral triangle has 3 lines of symmetry, an isosceles has one and a scalene none. So there is no triangle with two lines of symmetry. Of course, you could draw only two of the three possible lines of symmetry for an equilateral triangle.

How do you draw lines of symmetry on a regular pentagon?

well i want to know if you can draw a pentagon with no lines of symmetry?????????

How do you draw a hexagon?

you make six lines

How many lines of symmetry can be drawn on a triangle?

It depends what type of triange it is. If it is an equilateral triangle, you can draw 3 lines of symmetry If it is an isosceles triangle, you can draw 1 line of symmetry If it is a scalene triangle, you cannot draw any lines of symmetry

How many lines of symmetry can you draw in a heart?

2 lines

How do you draw a hexagon shape without using a compass?

you just draw lines

Is it possible to draw a hexagon that is not regular that tessellates?


Draw a kite?

Draw the shape kite and then do symmetry lines across it.

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