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Q: Is it true or false that a field names can contain periods and exclamation points but not square brackets in access?
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What does the exclamation point mean in Microsoft access?

I think this is also applicable to Microsoft Access: In Visual Basic version 4.0, the exclamation mark (!) syntax is for collection lookup, and the dot (.) syntax is for properties and methods. However, a control can be accessed as a property, and Visual Basic has a Controls collection on a form. Because the Controls collection is the default property of a form, you can access a control from a Form using by using the exclamation mark (!) syntax. (source:

What does an access table contain?


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Does the form contain all the database data in access?


How many objects can an access database contain?


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In standard SQL an object name such as a column name or table name cannot contain a space in it Microsoft Access version of SQL lets an object name contain a space provided the object name?

It must be enclosed in square brackets so that Access knows the words are associated with one entity. As a general rule, it is a good idea to use single words or multiple words with no spaces or an underscore between them, as these are easier to work with. Otherwise the application does not know if the word refer to one or more things and so you get errors.

Can table names contain digits in access?

Yes. Names can contain letters, digits, and spaces, as well as most of the punctuation symbols.

How do you view the results of a saved query in Microsoft Access?

Run the query. If in Design view you can do that by clicking on the red exclamation mark. If you go to the window and open the query directly, it will run.

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An ad-hoc network does not require an access point. Typically, if an access point is involved then it is not strictly an ad-hoc network, but would be an infrastructure network.

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