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The intersection of three planes can be a plane (if they are coplanar), a line, or a point.

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Q: Is it true that three planes can intersect in only one point?
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Two planes can intersect on exactly one point?

No, 2 planes may only intersect at a line, a plane, or not at all. THREE planes may intersect at a point though...

Do two planes intersect in infinitely many points?

No, perpendicular planes intercept at only one point. Parallel planes do not intersect at all.

Can 3 planes intersect at only 1 point?

No, they can intersect at infinitely many points.

Does three points intersect at a single point?

No, only three lines can intersect at a single point.

Can two planes only intersect at one point?

Tow planes can intersect eachother in either exactly one point or along a line. I'm new to this, however this answer is straight from my course litterature.

What is formed by three line segments that intersect only at their end point?

what of a triangle has three line segments that intersect only at their endpoints

Where do two planes intersect?

In geometry, two planes intersect in a line. The only time this is not true is if the two planes are parallel to each other.

Two lines only intersect at exactly one point?

Two straight lines, whether they're in the same or different planes, must intersect at either one point or else at no points.

How many line can intersect a point?

A point can be intersected by infinitely many lines. Two points intersect in only one line. Three points either intersect in a line or not at all. This is only considering two dimensions.

Can three lines intersect in only one point?

Any number of lines can intersect all at the same point. Think of a circle. Now think of all of its diameters.

In geometry what do you call the intersection among the altitude of a triangle?

Such a point is called the orthocenter. Even the fact that all three altitudes intersect at a point is quite interesting because only two lines are guaranteed to intersect at a point, but we have three.

Can two planes intersect in a ray or segment?

Two planes that intersect do that at a line. neither a segment that has two endpoints or a ray that has one endpoint.