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The line stands for "on" and the circle stands for "off".

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Q: Is the circle or straight line symbol on or off?
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How do I find the perpendicular of a line?

Using only a compass & straight edge (classic style), draw a circle around any point on the line. All you need is the two tiny arcs crossing the line. Then taking the two places where your first arcs crossed the line as centers, draw two bigger circles around those points. Note that each circle will each cross the line at two points. You actually need just the two points from each center "toward" the other center. (Don't make the two second circles so big that the radius is greater than the distance between the two points (though this will still work). This will give you two arcs across the line, and they will intersect each other above and below the line. If you then take your straight edge and draw a line through your original line from one of those intersections to the other, this new line will be perpendicular to the original line. Use the link to the Wikipedia article and look at the construction. It's actually the construction of a perpendicular through a line from a point off the original line, but check it out and note the green arcs, which would be your two second arcs from the two centers you found with your first circle. The blue line is the perpendicular to the original (the black) line. m2=-1/m1 where m1=grad of the original line & m2=grad of the line perpendicular to the original line

What is the first step in the construction of a line perpendicular to AB and passing through an external point M?

Draw a straight line and with compass mark off two joined arcs above and below the line and then join the arcs together which will produce a perpendicular line.

Is a yield sign concave or convex?

It is convex because you can draw a straight line between any two points on it without having to take your pen off of the sign.

The difference between radian measure and degree measure?

Degree measure is based off of a division of 360 degrees in a circle. Radian measure is based off of a division of 2PI in a full circle.

What is the difference between a trapezoid and an isosceles trapezoid?

In a general trapezium, the non-parallel sides are not congruent. However, in an isosceles trapezium, the non-parallel sides are congruent. So the shape is like an isosceles triangle with its apex chopped off by a straight line parallel to its base.

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Is the circle or straight line symbol on or off for an electrical switch?

Simply put, the straight line is the on, and the circle is the off. These symbols represent an electrical circuit. The Straight line represents a closed circuit, which means the switch is on and the electric current can travel through it, and the circle means and open circuit, where the current cannot travel because the circuit is open. A quick trick to remember: "O, Open, Off".

What does the circle and line symbol on most computer power buttons stand for?

The circle and line symbol that appears on most computer power buttons is simply the symbol for Power. This is a universal symbol and it used on computers in many countries. It is considered the universal symbol for Power On/Off.

What did the line say to the circle?

get off of me i'm a circle not a circle with a line through it

Symbols used in electric circuit?

the symbols used are m for motorthe circle with the cross in the middle is bulbtwo pairs of lines is two batteriesthe line circle and some empty space then a line is off switcha straight line means wire

What is the line that cross a circle but not a diameter called?

I believe that is called a chord. Yes, a chord is the straight line segment that crosses a circle, from one side of the circle to the other. The biggest possible chord is the diameter. The curved part of the circle, cut off by the chord [or chords], is the arc or the angle.

Can a polygon have a straight line that extends off a straight side?


What is the shortest distance between 2 places on the globe?

The shortest distance between two places on the globe is a great circle route. This is the path that follows the curve of the Earth's surface and represents the shortest distance between two points. Any straight line drawn on a globe represents a segment of a great circle route.

What is centripital?

acceleration in a circular motion :)

What are the electrical schematic symbols for pumps and for heat tracing?

ELECTRIC symbol for "pump" is usually the symbol just for the motor part of a pump-motor combination. Motor symbol is usually a circle with two opposing tails spinning off the circumferance (kind of like a Hurricane symbol) In the center of the circle is the letter"M" Sometimes the tauils are left off. Heat Trace is usually the same as a heater element: a zig-zag line usually with a note to clarify that is heat tracing.

How do centripetal force affects circular motion?

Centripetal force acts as the inward force that keeps an object moving in a circular path. It is necessary for an object to continually change direction and avoid heading off in a straight line. Without centripetal force, an object would move in a straight line tangent to the circle it is currently on.

What is the symbol for a micrometre?

The Greek letter mu, in lower case, followed by a lower-case M. A mu looks like a u with a straight line coming down off the left-hand side.

When should the boat operator take off in a straight line?