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If the square footage refers to floor area, yes.

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Q: Is the floor area the same as the square footage?
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Is area of a rectangle the same as its square footage?

If it is a perfect rectangle and you are measuring the sides by feet then the length times the width of a rectangle is the same as the square footage.

Is the square footage of your roof the same as the square footage of your home?

Unless you have a flat roof, no; the surface area of the roof will be larger than the ground area of the building.

How do you measure a room for square footage?

-- Measure the length of the room, front wall to back wall. -- Measure the width of the room, side wall to side wall. -- Multiply the two numbers. Their product is the area of the floor in square feet. The area of the floor is what they're talking about when they refer to the room's "square footage". It's the amount of carpet that it would take to do the room. The ceiling has the same area.

Which has more square footage a 5'x 5' square or a triangle with a 10' base and a height of 5'?

They have the same area.

When finding the square footage of a room Is it true that all you have to do is length X width?

When you say "square footage", that usually means the area of the floor, and yes, you get that by multiplying (length of the room) x (width of the room). That tells you how much carpet you need for the floor. The walls and the ceiling also have their own "square footage". You have to know that to do things like paint and wallpaper. The ceiling has the same area as the floor. But for the walls, you have to do another whole different calculation. The easy formula for square footage of the walls is circumference (the distance around the room at the floor level) X the height of the wall (at the tallest point if the walls are uneven or have a peak). If the walls have a large number of windows, doors or other areas not to be painted, you may want to figure the rough square footage of these (estimate low, better to have a bit too much paint than a bit too little) and subtract that from your total. If you are estimating square footage for paint remember you may want to do two coats. If you are estimating for wallpaper, be sure to allow for the "pattern repeat".

How many square feet in a building 37' tall by 102' wide?

The square footage will depend on the length and width, and the number of floors. The height is less important. A height of 37 feet could be one very high floor, two pretty high ones, or three moderate ones. So, if each floor has the same area, that would result in one, two or three times the area of each floor.

What is the Sq ft of a 6 by 8 ft Room?

The area of the floor is 48 square feet, and the area of the ceiling is the same. In order to calculate the area of the walls, we have to know the height of the ceiling above the floor.

What is the square footage of a round tank that is 53 feet in diameter and 19 feet high?

The total surface of the base is 2206 square feet (approx). The area of the top, if there is any, will be the same. The area of the side walls is 1582 square feet (approx).

What is the sq ft of a pool that has a linear footage of 86?

Can't be done. You need to specify the width and length of the pool. That is because the area of a long, narrow pool is not the same as the area of a pool that is closer to square.

How many sq ft in a room size 22' by12'?

If the floor is 22-ft x 12-ft, then -- the area of the floor is (22 x 12) = 264 square feet -- the area of the ceiling is the same as the area of the floor -- in order to calculate the area of the walls, we also need to know their height

How do you find the length and width of a room from its square footage?

Unless the room is a perfect square (length and width are the exact same) you cannot determine the length and width without knowing one of the two first. If you know one of these, simply divide the square footage by the measurement that you do know. If the room is a perfect square, the length and width would both be the square root of the square footage.

How do you estimate how much paint for a house roof?

measure the floor peramiter if it is the same shape as the cieling. Measure it is square sections and figure square footage from there by multiplying base x height of each square you've measured. If you have a cathedral cieling it may be easiest to just measure on a ladder.

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