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The sum of the exterior angles of any polygon is always 360 degrees.

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Q: Marcus says that the sum of the exterior angles of a decagon is greater than that of a heptagon because a decagon has more sides. Liam says that the sum of the exterior angles for both polygons is the?
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What are 6 different polygons?

square pentagon hexagon heptagon octogon nonagon decagon

What are the names of every single polygon that exists?

all the polygons tringle pentagon hexagon heptagon octagon nonagon decagon do-decagon

What shape is a Heptagon and Nonagon and a Decagon looks like?

They are all polygons which means that they are plane areas enclosed by straight sides. A heptagon has 7 sides, a nonagon has 9 and a decagon has 10.

What is the first 10 polygons?

Triangle Quadrilateral Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon Octagon Nonagon Decagon

The different types of polygons?

The different types of polygons are quadrilateral, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, decagon, heptagon, nonagon, tridecagon, icosagon, megagon, and chilicagon.

What is the kinds of polygons?

Triangle, quadrilateral, Pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, undecagon, and dodecagon

How are a hexagon and a decagon alike?

They are both polygons whose exterior angles add up to 360 degrees

If one exterior angle of a polygon measures 36 degrees what is the sum of the polygons exterior angles?

The sum of the exterior angles in any polygon is 360 degrees.Therefore that polygon is a decagon.

How many more sides does a decagon have than a heptagon?

A decagon has 10 sides A heptagon has 7 sides Therefore a decagon has 10 - 7 = 3 more sides than a heptagon.

What is the exterior angle of a decagon?

Exterior Angle for a decagon is 36 Degrees.

What is the exterior angle of a hexagon?

what are the exterior Angles of a hexagon, heptagon, octagon, decagon and an icosagon ?If all the exterior angles of a hexagon or any polygon equal 360, then just divide by the number of vertices and there's one exterior angle of the polygon.

What are various polygons?

triangle square pentagon hexagon heptagon octagon nonagon decagon undecagon duodecagon ... 99-gon 100-gon 101-gon ...

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