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An example of a perpendicular line is a 4 way intersection at a stop sign. Another example would be a window that has 4 smaller squares in it.

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Q: Real life examples of perpendicular lines?
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Examples in real life of perpendicular lines?

stand up... that is a perpendicular line right there. you are 90 degrees with respect to the floor.

Example of real life perpendicular lines?

A 4 way intersection is an example of perpendicular lines. A cross in a church is an example of perpendicular lines.

Examples for angles parallel lines perpendicular lines?

Real life example of parallel lines are railroad tracks and rows in a garden. Also the lines on a basketball court are parallel

What are real life examples of skew lines?

the lines of the brooklin bridge

I need a real life example of Parallel lines with a perpendicular transversal?

Railway lines with sleepers? Lines of latitude crossed by a line of longitude?

What is the example of only perpendicular lines in real life?

stop signs chairs roads boxes

What is a real life example of prependicular lines?

The walls of most buildings are perpendicular to the ground they are built on.

What are some real life examples of intersecting lines?


How can perpendicular lines affect your daily life?

If the walls in your house were not perpendicular they would probably topple over and you would no longer have a daily life for perpendicular lines to affect.

What are some real life examples of linear pair angles?

The lines on a highway

What real-life objects have two lines of symmetry?

There are many in life. I'll give some examples. Like, a butterfly. And a boat. Oranges also have two lines of symmetry.

Give a real life example of a line?

A real life example of a line is a road. Other examples of lines include ball courts, driveways, roof tops, and buildings.

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