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The area of a square is a function of the perimeter of the square.

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Q: The larger the perimeter of a square the larger the area of that square?
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What is larger area or perimeter?

It depends. With a square with a side of 2, the perimeter is 8 while the area is 4. With a square with a side of 10, the perimeter is 40 while the area is 100. Usually, though, you'll find that the area is larger than the perimeter.

Can a perimeter be larger than the area itself for example a 3x3 square with a perimeter of 12in and a area of 9in?


Is perimeter larger than the area of square?

Perimeter is length or distance (inches, feet, meters). Area is square units (length2 : square inches, square feet, square meters), so to say that one is larger than another is not relevant. If it's a 1 by 1, then the perimeter is 4 and the area is 1. But if the square is 5 by 5, then it has a perimeter of 20 and an area of 25. It depends, good luck.

Is it sometimes always or never true that the perimeter of a rectangle is numerically greater than its area?

Sometimes. Experiment with a small square and with a large square (though any shape rectangle will do). A square of 4 x 4 has a perimeter of 16, and an area of 16. A smaller square has more perimeter than area. A larger square has more area than perimeter.

A square has an area of 400 what is the perimeter?

A square with an area of 400 square units has a perimeter of 80 units.

What is the perimeter of the larger square?

The perimeter of a square is four times the length of its side.

If the area of a square is 12 what is perimeter?

If the area of a square is 12 the perimeter is: 13.86

Is area on a triangle larger than perimeter?

Perimeter is length (units feet, centimeters, etc.) Area is length2 (square feet, square centimeters etc.). But if you want to disregard the units, you can find triangles which perimeter is larger, smaller or even 'equal' to area, depending on scale.Take a 3,4,5 right triangle. The perimeter = 3+4+5= 12 units. Area = 3*4/2 = 6 square units. Now double the sides.Perimeter = 6 + 8+ 10 = 24 units. Area = 6*8/2 = 24 square units (the numbers are equal). Scaling it larger, then the valueof the area (in square units) will be larger than the perimeter value (in straight units).

Is the perimiter of 11 by 12 rectangle smaller or larger than the perimiter of a sqare with the same area?

11 x 12 rectangle has a larger perimeter = 46 units The 132 square unit area will give a square a perimeter of 45.9565 units

If a square has an area of 151.29cm2 - what is its perimeter?

If a square has an area of 151.29cm2 its perimeter is: 49.2 cm

When the area of a square is 36cm2 What is the perimeter?

When the area of a square is 36cm2, its perimeter is: 24 cm

Area of a square with perimeter 28cm?

The area of a square with perimeter 28cm is: 49 cm2

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