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Area(10) = 600 and Area(2) = 24.

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Q: The surface area of a cube depends on the length of its sides A cube with a side length of 10 feet has an area of of 600 square feet A cube with a side length of 2 feet has an area of 24 square feet?
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What is the area of square OSER?

It depends on the length of the sides of the square.

What is the perimeter and area of a square?

it depends on the length of the sides

What is the formula for calculating the surface area of a square?

It depends on what information you have. In the simplest case, if you know the length of a sides of a square is x units, then the are is x*x = x2 square-units

How do you find the surface area of a triangular prism without square root?

The answer depends on the shape and dimensions of the prism. If the cross section is an equilateral triangle with sides of rational length then you will require a square root to find its area. You could, of course, have a 3-4-5 triangle, in which case no square root is required if the length is rational.

What is the area of a square with 2.35m?

It depends on 2.35m what: length of sides, diagonal, perimeter.

How do you find the edge length of a cube when you only have the surface area?

ok, so think about it. a cube has 6 sides. The surface area is the area of the surface of all 6 sides combined, so you divide the surface area by 6. This gives you the area of each square on each side. Then square root the answer because the area of a square is the side length squared. Now you have the edge length!

What is the surface area with the numbers 6M 2M 5M?

The surface area depends on the shape, not just the length of sides.

What is the area of square with 7 sides?

There is no such thing as a square with seven sides. A polygon with seven sides is called a heptagon. The area of any polygon depends on the length of its sides.

How many sides the same length for a square?

The 4 sides of a square are equal in length

Having all sides the same length?

This depends on context. In a square yes in a rectangle no

What is the permiter of a square with 7.5 sides?

It depends on what a permiter is! The perimeter is 30 units of length.

What is the total surface area of a square prism with sides that are one foot?

It is not possible to answer the question since a square prism can have any length.

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