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Find the perpendicular height from the apex to the base.

The volume is one third of the base area times the perpendicluar height.

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Q: Volume of an oblique cone
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What is the formula for volume of oblique circular cone?

^rsuare h

What is the volume of an oblique cone with radius 9 cm and height 12 cm?


What is a real life example of an oblique cone?

a top (the toy..) i think is an oblique cone.

what Is an oblique circular cone?

In a right circular cone a line from the vertex to the center of the circular base is perpendicular to the base. In an oblique circular cone that same line will not be perpendicular.

The surface area formula for a right cone is the same as the surface area formula for an oblique cone?

False. The surface area formula for a right cone is not the same as the surface area formula for an oblique cone.

You cannot use the surface area formula for a right cone to find the surface area of an oblique cone.?

True. This is because the slant height of an oblique cone cannot be defined.

How many axes of symmetry does an oblique cone have?


Is a oblique cone is polyhedron?

yes, because polyhedron is a oblique and im pogi like jan ardy diego

What consists of a disc a point not in the same plane as the disc but directly above the center of the disc and all points between them?

right pyramid oblique cone right cone oblique pyramid

How is the volume of a cone changed if the the radius is doubled?

the is more volume in the cone

The volume of a cone compared to the volume of a cylinder?

If the area of the base and the height of the cylinder and the cone are the same, then the volume of the cone will always be one third of the volume of the cylinder.

How many lines of symmetry does a circular cone have?

If it is a right circular cone, it has an infinite number of planes of symmetry. If it is an oblique circular cone, it has one plane of symmetry.

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