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you would need 5 pounds for 2000 sqft

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The length of a rectangular floor is 2 feet more than its width The area of the floor is 168 square feet Kim wants to use a rug in the middle of the room and leave a 2 foot border of the floor visib

The perimeter of a rectangle is 18 feet and the area of the rectangle is 20 square feet what is the width of the rectangle

The sum of two numbers is 19 and their product is 78 What is the larger number

A rectangular garden has a perimeter of 48 cm and an area of 140 sq cm What is the width of this garden

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Q: Weed killer is spread at a rate of 3 pounds for 1200 square feet how many pounds of weed killer will be needed for 2000 square feet?
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How many pounds per square inch is needed to crush a bone?

8 pounds i guess

Fertilizer is to be spread at a rate of 2 pounds for 600 square feet how many pounds of fertilizer will be needed for 900 square feet?

3 pounds of fertilizer To solve: Think of 2 lbs per 600 sq. ft. as a ratio or fraction. Thus, 900 sq. ft. * (2 lbs / 600 sq. ft.) is equal to 3 lbs.

If 15 pounds of fertilizer will cover 1500 square ft of lawn how much fertilizer is needed to cover 2500 square ft?

I'm pretty sure 25 pounds of fertilizer should do it.

How many pounds of grass seed to cover one acre?

Calculate the square footage of your yard. Determine which type of seed you will be using. There are some variations in amount of seed needed depending on the type of seed used. Some common types are Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. Kentucky Bluegrass requires two to three pounds for each 1,000 square feet. Tall Fescue requires six to eight pounds for each 1,000 square feet. Calculate the total pounds of seed needed. Divide the total square feet of your lawn by 1,000. Then multiply that number by the pounds of seed needed per 1,000 square feet.

How needed to apply 4.5 poun of fertilizer per 1000 square feet of lawn for the type of grass in his lawn. if he has 2500 square feet of lawn about how many pounds of fertilizer does he need to?

PF = ( 4.5 lb / 1000 sq ft ) ( 2500 sq ft ) = 11.25 lb fertilizer needed

How much 20 10 10 fertilizer per acre?

60 pounds of fertilizer, spread over the 12,000 square foot lawn, an acre is 43,560 square feet or 220 lbs +/-.

How do you convert Pounds per square foot to pounds per square inch?

Pounds per square foot x 0.006944 equals psi

What is the equivalent of 100000 pounds per square foot equal to in pounds per square in?

Given that there are 144 square inches per square foot, 100,000 pounds per sqaure foot equals 694.44 pounds per square inch.

How many pounds per sq foot is 5000 pounds?

Your question does not contain enough information to answer. But . . . let's assume that the 5,000 pounds is spread out over a flat surface measuring 50 ft x 100 ft. That equals 5,000 square feet. 5,000/5,000 square feet = 1. So our 5,000 pounds would exert exactly 1 pound per square foot at every point. Let's next say that we spread out the 5,000 pound, but thicker, on a flat surface measuring 25 feet x 50 ft. That equals 1,250 square feet. So our 5,000 pounds is now supported by only 1,250 square feet. We know by looking at it that each square foot will support more of the weight than in the first example. 5,000/1,250 = 4. So our 5,000 pounds in this case would exert exactly 4 pounds per square foot. Carried to an extreme, let's say our 5,000 pounds sits on just one square foot of flat surface. 5,000/1 = 5,000 pounds per square foot. Even crazier, our 5,000 pounds might sit on just a 6 inch x 6 inch flat surface. 6" = 0.25 square feet. So, once again, 5,000/.25 = 20,000 pounds per square foot.

How many pounds of grass seed are needed for 5840 square feet if 2 pounds of grass seed cover 365 square feet?

2 lb per 365 sq ft → 2 ÷ 365 lb/sq ft → for 5840 square feet the amount of grass seed needed is given by: 2 ÷ 365 lb/sq ft × 5840 sq ft = 32 lb

What is 9300 kilopascals in pounds per square inch?

1,348.85 pounds per square inch.

If 8 pounds are in a square foot how many pounds are in a square inch?

About 1/2 pound.

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