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a square shaped penis

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Q: What are perpendicular offsets?
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How do you learn about offsets and pipe bending?

You can check the links to the right, they might help you in finding some information on pipe bending and offsets.

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What offsets the law of diminishing?

technical innovation

What are the implications of using offsets by an operating system?

your mom

What offsets the law diminishing returns?

technical innovation

How do you set work offset in makino a51 machine?

There are two ways to load offsets into any Makino Pro 5 machine. The first is by using menus. In the bottom left corner of the touch screen there is a arrow press that. The extended manual will pop up with a dozen or so buttons. Each will bring up a new screen. Press the Work Offsets button. Listed there are all of your work offsets with fields that can be filled out. TL:DR - Little arrow in bottom left>Work Offsets The other way to create work offsets is to load them in through programming. An couple example lines of this is G90 G10 L20 P01 X-18.378 Y-22.8265 Z-23.5123 G90 G10 L20 P02 X-18.456 Y-17.8265 Z-23.5142 "G90 G10 L20" is the code to load the offsets and it will always remain the same. For work offsets G54.1 P__. I do not remember the code for G54-G59 offsets off of the top of my head. P01 through P48 or P300(extended offsets) will select the work offset you want. X____Y____Z____B____ will be your offsets to be loaded in.

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No . It is not perpendicular

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Yes you can. Because it offsets the north.

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Transform Faults

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yes it is perpendicular

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yes it is perpendicular

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