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Since pies are circular, the pie shaped pieces will be more concentric circles.

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Q: What are the pie shaped pieces of the concentric circles are called?
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What are the concentric circles on the disk surface of a hard drive called?

Tracks.The pie-shaped sections are called sectors.Groups of sectors make up a cluster.

How are bone cells organized in bone tissue?

The matrix for bone is laid down in thin layers called lamellae. The lamellae are arranged in concentric patterns around tubes called osteonic canals. Between the layers of lamellae the osteocytes are placed in depressions called lacunae. This pattern of concentric circles forms a cylinder-shaped unit called the osteon.

What are the smallest segments within disk sectors called?

Clusters are the smallest segments within disk sectors.Tracks are concentric circles on the hard drive.Pie-shaped wedges on the hard drive are called sectors.Platters are round, thin plates of metal that make up a hard drive.

What is the name for the pieces of shaped glass used to bend light in telescopes?

Pieces of concave glass, called lens.

Why are M and Ms shaped like circles?

Circles are the easiest shape to make.

Why did William penn want Pennsylvania divided into pieces shaped like pie?

To have a concentric town center and allow for agricultural use not to segement the community from each other as in a grid like system.

Why are cells shaped alike?

Wobbly Circles

Why are the little styrofoam pieces called peanuts?

Originally shaped like peanuts in the shell

Are circles square shaped?

No. Their shape is described as "circular".

What is a path followed by a planet and satellite as it circles the sun in your solar system?

The path is called an orbit, and it's shaped like an ellipse.

Why is a pie chart called a pie chart?

Because it is round and the sections are shaped like the pieces of a pie.

Why are circles or heart shaped figures not considered polydons?

No straight segments.

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