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A rectangular pyramid has 5 faces: a rectangular base, and 4 triangular faces.

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Q: What figure has a rectangular base and 4 triangular bases?
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Which geometric figure has more vertyices a rectangular pyramid or a triangular pyramid?

The rectangular pyramid - it has a square base, so has four vertices rather than the three of a triangular one.

Which two 3-D figures have 5 faces?


What is a three dimensional figure with only one base?

# Square Pyramid # Rectangular Pyramid # Triangular Pyramid

Which three dimensional figure has 5 faces 6 vertices and 9 edges?

A triangular prism. Triangular prisms are polyhedrons made of a triangular base, a translated copy, and 3 faces that join corresponding sides. The volume of the prism is the product of the area of the base and the distance between the two bases.

How are a triangular prism and a rectangular prism are they different?

a triangular prism is different from a rectangular prism because: their names are different a triangular prism has a triangle for its' base a rectangular prism has a rectangle base a triangular prism has less sides than a rectangular prism a rectangular prism has more sides than a triangular prism

Can a triangular prism have a rectangular base or does this mean it is in fact a pyramid?

A prism can have a triangular cross-section with a rectangular base

What has a triangular base and rectangular faces?

A triangular prism.

Whats the name of a solid figure with a pentagon for a base triangular bases?

pentagonal pyramid

What solid figure has as a triangle base and 3 rectangular faces?

A 3D shape with one base and three faces can only have triangular faces.

How are a rectangular prism and a triangular the same?

No. The 'rectangular' or 'triangular' refer to the shape of the base of the prism. These are different.

Does a triangular pyramid or a rectangular pyramid have a square base?

Neither a triangular nor a rectangular pyramid has a square base. A square pyramid has a square base.

What has a rectangular base and 4 triangular faces?

Triangular prism