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Tracks form circles on the surface of a hard disk

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Q: What forms circles on the surface of a hard disk?
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What is the term for a narrow recording band that forms a full circle on the surface of a hard disk?


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A hard drive or floppy disk is composed of tracks which are concentric circles on the disk surface?


What is the term for a narrow recording band that forms a full circle on the surface of a hard disk?


Does the read write heads on a hard disk drive actually touch the surface of the disk?

no, the head not touching the surface of the hard disk. If it touch the great chance of data may be lost. only the head of floppy disk is touch the surface of the disk.

What are the concentric circles on the disk surface of a hard drive called?

Tracks.The pie-shaped sections are called sectors.Groups of sectors make up a cluster.

What are concentric circles on a floppy disk or hard drive called?

Track on afloppy disc

Can a hard disk involve the use of a laser beam to read data from a disk surface?


Use magnetic particles to store items on a disk surface?

magnetic disk

How the working of floppy disk drive differ from hard disk drive?

The head(s) in floppy drives make physical contact with the floppy disk surface, while the heads in hard disk drives fly over the hard disk surface on a cushion of air created by the platter rotation speed. All other features of the devices are similar.

Forms earth's hard surface?


What is the hard disk?

A hard disk is the physical medium information storage device of most computerized systems. It is an actual disk that rotates at high speed. The surface is coated with magnetic material, and data is stored magnetically on the surface. A tiny read/write head on the end of an arm that can move over the surface of the disk does the reading and writing to transfer the information to and from the medium.

What is the term used to describe what happens when the read-write head of a hard disk touches the surface of the disk platter?

HDI - Head to Disk Interference.

What are the segments on a disk called?

Clusters are the smallest segments within disk sectors.Tracks are concentric circles on the hard drive.Pie-shaped wedges on the hard drive are called sectors.Platters are round, thin plates of metal that make up a hard drive.