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Q: What fraction of a circle is a 180 degrees angle?
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The angle inscribed in a semi circle is of?

A semi-circle covers an angle of 180 degrees.

What fraction of a circle is 180 degrees?

A half.

What is 180 degrees in a fraction?

1/2A circle has 360 degrees.180/360 = 1/2 in fraction

How do we measure an angle?

A protractor can be used to measure an angle. An angle is basically part of a circle. A complete circle is 360 degrees. A right-angle is 90 degrees, half a circle is 180 degrees, and so on.

A angle has measure of 180?

An angle with a measure of 180 degrees will look like a straight line with the vertex being a point in the center. Since a complete circle is 360 degrees, opening an angle to 180 degrees traces out exactly half a circle.

What is 180 degrees as a fraction?

180 degrees as a fraction of a turn of a circle is 1/2

How many degrees are in a angle that turns through 12 of a circle?

180 degrees

What is the angle of rotation of circle and semicircle?

360 degrees and 180 degrees respectively

Is a revolution angle 360 or 180 degrees?

180 degrees is halfway through the circle. 360 degrees is one time around the circle. So 360° is the answer.

What is the measure of an angle that encloses half of a circle?

180 degrees.

What is name angle name of half a revolution?

Half of a revolution of a circle is 180 degrees and its angles added together are supplementary.

Why is it impossible for a triangle to a contain a 180 angle?

The sum of all three angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. If one angle has 180 degrees then there are no degrees left for the other two. If it is a fraction less than 180 degrees then the other could split up the small fraction.