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An octahedron.

An octahedron.

An octahedron.

An octahedron.
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An octahedron.

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Q: What is a 3D shape with 8 sides made of equilateral triangles?
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A shape with all equal sides?

A square, a cube, a diamond, a equilateral triangle, a triangular based pyramid made of equilateral triangles...

What is the name of the solid shape made up of four equilateral triangles?


What quadrilateral can have a diagonal line and is made with 2 equilateral triangles?

A Rhombus. If it makes two equilateral triangles with a diagonal, the shape must have all four sides of equal length; thus it is a rhombus, possibly a square. As an equilateral triangle is made, the angle between two of the sides is 60o; which is not 90o, so it can't be a square, so it must be a rhombus.

What shape is made up from 4 triangles?

It would depend on the triangles, but assuming they were equilateral or isosceles, a trapezoid if alternated in a line.

Are pyramids made up from equilateral triangle?

it can be made up of isosceles or equilateral triangles

What is a pyramid made of equilateral triangles?

It is a tetrahedron

A heptagon made of 6 equilateral triangles?

A heptagon is a shape with 7 sides. A regular heptagon is the normal version you will see however an irregular heptagon is any shape with 7 sides.To see it visually, use the triangles to create a normal hexagon (6 sides), remove one of the triangles and put it next to one of the edges near the gap.If done correctly this will create a 7 sided object - an irregular heptagon.

What kind of four sided figure is made using two equilateral triangles?

Rohmbus is a four sided figure (quadrilateral) that is made up of two equilateral triangles

What shape is made out of two congruent triangles?

If you have 2 EQUILATERAL triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: SQUARE. If you have 2 ISOSCELES triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: RECTANGLE. If you have 2 OBTUSE triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: PARALLELOGRAM.

What shape are made from 4 triangles?

Depending on their shapes and sizes you can make plane shapes with 3 to 24 sides.

What is a 3d shape with two triangular faces?

It doesn't exist. The least number of sides for a 3-D shape only made of triangles is 4.

What three-dimensional figure can be made from four equilateral triangles?

A regular tetrahedron

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