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Q: What is a figures that is not a parallelogram with one pair of parallel sides?
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Is a parallelogram a trapezium?

NO!!!! Parallelogram : Two pairs of parallel lines ; The each pair of parallel lines is the same length. Trapezium ; One pair of parallel lines, that are not the same length. The other two sides can be the same length , but not parallel. Both figures/shapes are quadrilaterals.

How many parallel sides does a parallelogram have?

in geometry i learned a parallelogram has only 2 pairs of parallel sides each pair of opposite sides is parallel

What is a quadrilateral with a pair of parallel sides?

One pair? If it is one pair of parallel sides, then it is a trapezoid. If it has 2 pairs of parallel sides, then it is a parallelogram.

Is a trangles a prallelogram?

no. a triangle is not a parallelogram. First of all, a parallelogram should be a quadrilateral, and quadrilateral forms are figures which has four sides. secondly' a parallelogram should have two pairs of parallel sides. a triangle doesn't even have a pair of parallel sides.

How does a trapezoid differ from a parallelogram?

A trapezoid has one pair of parallel sides. A parallelogram has two pairs of parallel sides.

When can a trapezoid be a parallelogram?

It cannot. A trapezium is a quadrilateral that has one pair of parallel but unequal sides and another pair of non-parallel sides. A parallelogram has two pairs of parallel and equal sides.

What are the differences between a rhombus trapezoid and a parrallelogram?

A trapezium has only one pair of parallel sides. A parallelogram has two pair of parallel sides. A rhombus is an equilateral parallelogram - that is, a parallelogram with equal sides.

Do all four sides of a parallelogram must be parallel?

There are 2 pairs of parallel sides in a parallelogram. Each pair of opposite sides are parallel. Adjacent sides are not parallel (they intersect).

How many pair parallel sides are there in a parallelogram?

There are 2 pairs of opposite parallel lines in a parallelogram.

Does a parallelogram have two pair of parallel sides?

Yes it does

Can a quadrangle have 2 pair of parallel sides but is not a parallelogram?


A trapezoid with two pair of parallel sides is a?


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