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this shape is called a trapizoid

see heres a picture!

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Q: What is a four sided shape with two equal sides and two unequal sides?
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What do you call an unequal 5 sided shape?

A pentagon. If the sides and angles are equal it is a REGULAR pentagon.

What is a six sided shape with unequal sides called?

A hexagon.

What do you call an unequal six sided shape?

A polygon is an unequal six sided shape. A polygon or hexagon is the name used weather the sides are even or not.

What is a 4 sided shape with 2 unequal sides?

There is no specific name for such a shape.

What is a five sided shape with sides of unequal size?

Irregular pentagon.

What is the name of a four sided shape with sides of unequal length and no two sides are parallel?


What is the name of a three sided shape that has three unequal sides?

A congruent triangle is a triangle with all its sides being unequal to each other.

What is a 6 sided polygon other than a hexagon?

A hexagon IS a six sided polygon. A REGULAR hexagon is the shape we tend to think of when we say hexagon because it has equal sides and equal internal angles. However, a hexagon can have unequal sides and internal angles and still be a hexagon. A hexagon is just a shape with six sides.

What for sided shape has all sides the same length and all angles equal?

A square is a four-sided shape with all sides equal and all angles equal.

What shape has 3 equal sides?

an equal sided triangle

What is a 3 sided shape with different length?

A three sided figure with all unequal sides is called a scalene triangle. ■

Is a hexagon a regular or irregular shape?

It can be regular or irregular. A hexagon is simply defined as a six-sided polygon, regardless of whether its sides and angles are equal or unequal.