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A hypotenuse is the long side of a right triange.

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Q: What is a hypotenuse angle?
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What is the hypotenuse angle theorem?

The hypotenuse angle theorem, also known as the HA theorem, states that 'if the hypotenuse and an acute angle of one right triangle are congruent to the hypotenuse and an acute angle of another right triangle, then the two triangles are congruent.'

Where did you fine a hypotenuse?

the hypotenuse is the angle that is un named..

A right angle triangle has an angle of 16.5 degrees. and a rise of 40 feet then how many feet is the hypotenuse?

sin(angle) = opposite/hypotenuse → hypotenuse = opposite/sin(angle) opposite = rise → hypotenuse = 40ft / sin 16.5° ≈ 140.84 ft

What is the relationship between the hypotenuse and a right angle?

The hypotenuse is the side opposite to the right angle in the triangle.

What to do when you have the hypotenuse and angle?

For trigonometry if you have the value of the hypotenuse and the angle, it depends what side you are trying to find. If you are looking for the side across from the angle, the formula is sine(angle)=opposite side divided by hypotenuse. If you are looking for the side adjacent to the angle, the formula is cosine(angle)=adjacent side divided by hypotenuse. Hope this helps!

How are hypotenuse and right angles related?

In a right angle triangle the side which is opposite to the right angle is the hypotenuse.

Can there be a hypotenuse of a circle?

No. A hypotenuse is defined as the side opposite the right angle in a triangle that contains a right angle.

Where is the hypotenuse located?

The hypotenuse is the largest side of a right angle triangle and it is opposite the 90 degree angle.

How do you find exterior angle?

the hypotenuse is the exterior angle

What angle is opposite to the hypotenuse?

the 90 degrees angle

What is the side of a right triangle opposite from the right angle?

It is its hypotenuse

What is the size of a hypotenuse?

The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right angle triangle.

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