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It is an isosceles triangle and its other two angles each measures 35 degrees

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Q: What is a triangle having an angle measuring 110 degree and two congruent sides?
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What is a triangle is a triangle having three congruent sides?

equilateral triangle

What do you call a triangle having all three sides congruent and all three angles congruent?

That is an equilateral triangle.

What is rhs congruence triangle?

A triangle having 3 congruent sides is an equilateral triangle

A quadrilateral having four angles that are congruent?

equilateral triangle.

What is the Definition of equilateral triangle?

A triangle that has three congruent sides having all the sides equal

What is a triangle having a right angle and no congruent sides?

h nmh

What is a triangle having at least two congruent sides called?

An isosceles triangle has at exactly two congruent sides, while an equilateral triangle has all equal sides.--Korean Swag

What are two angles having the same measurements?

This are called congruent angles. For example, In an isosceles triangle, the two angles which are opposite to the sides that have the same length, have the same measurements. They are called the base angles of the triangle. When each of them is 45 degree, the triangle is also a right triangle, since the other angle is 90 degree.

What is a triangle called with no two angles measuring the same size?

An equilateral triangle is a triangle with all sides & angles having the same measure.An isosceles triangle is a triangle with 2 sides & angles measuring the same, leaving one angle/side to be different.A scalene triangle is a triangle with no sides and/or angles measuring the same length.

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What quadrilateral having all four sides congruent but no 90 degree angles?


How significant is the concept of congruent triangle to your life?

By having congruent triangles the ramps up which I drive my car are equal and the whole experience is safe. So very significant.

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