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A circle with a polygon in it

An inscribed polygon is any polygon that can fit within a specific curve or circle.

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Q: What is an inscribed polygon?
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Related questions

What is circumscribed area and inscribed area of regular polygon?

circumscribed means the polygon is drawn around a circle, and inscribed means the polygon is drawn inside the circle. See related links below for polygon circumscribed about a circle and polygon inscribed in a circle.

What kind of polygon has all vertices on the circle?

inscribed polygon

What is inscribed in a circle?

usually a polygon

A circle inside a polygon where each side of the polygon is tangent to the circle?

the circle is inscribed in the polygon

If a circle is tangent to each side of a given polygon then?

the circle is inscribed in the polygon :]

The center of a regular polygon is the common center for the inscribed and circumscribed circles of the polygon?


A polygon whose vertices are on the circle and whose edges are within the is an?

An inscribed polygon

What does it mean for a circle to be inscribed in a polygon?

the circle is tangent to each side of the polygon And it's located within the polygon

A Polygon whose vertices are on a circle and whose other points are inside the circle?

Inscribed Polygon

What is a true statement about a circle inscribed in a regular polygon?

The circle has a smaller area than the polygon.

What do you call a polygon inside a circle with its vertices on the circle?


State a definition for a polygon inscribed in a sphere?

Inscribed polygon: a polygon contained within a circle, with each side being a chord of a circle.Chord: end points connected to an arc or a semicircle, forming a segment that lies in the interior of a circle.

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